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marijuana use) in an attempt to be modern and legitimate.

Most of the characters seem to exist as two-dimensional archetypes, with rare glimpses into more aspects of their personalities, so you will find a of tropes in here played totally straight (though Tropes Are Not Bad).

In 2014, she began college at Moony University, moved into the dormitory, and became friends with her roommate Dez. In January 2009, Delta was nearly prevented from participating in a class trip to Washington, D.

C., due to lack of funds, but was finally able to go by means of donations raised by Luann and Bernice, with the help of Tiffany Farrell and Elwood Druit.

is a comic strip about the life of Luann De Groot, a typical high school student, with her trials and tribulations.

She has typical parents, a lazy, annoying older brother named Brad, and her best friends Bernice and Delta.

In January 2007, Bernice learned she had an older brother, Army Sgt. Her parents had placed him for adoption, as they felt they were too young to have a child. While Bernice is intellectually wise, Delta is the more politically intelligent, and plans a career in politics.

He later set up his own My Space page, and had sent a message to Luann in October 2006 talking about what he'd done in Hawaii, including breaking up with Lian, sparking another love craze for Aaron in Luann.

Luann's older brother, to whom she usually shows a snarky sibling attitude, and vice versa.

Brad began is working life at Weenie World, a hot dog/hamburger restaurant similar to Wienerschnitzel, but following 9/11, he was inspired to become a firefighter.

Frank often seems clueless about what goes on, while Nancy is more aware.

She constantly hounds Luann to clean her room, without success.

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