Dating and wedding

The company have been running Speed Dating events since September 2003, and this has resulted in many successful relationships and numerous marriages. "Wayne and I first met at your speed dating event at Starz Bar in Exeter, it was a great night and I'm really pleased to tell you that as a result we got married!Thank you so much for bringing us together & being our cupid!We owe it all to a 4 minute meeting.” "My husband and I have recently got married, having met at an event of yours in November. we had an amazing day and would recommend speed dating to anyone. ” "We met at a Slow Dating event in Reading in March.At the end of the event, all the girls stayed for another drink and were chatting about our evening." "We married three years to the day after we met at a Speed Dating evening. Amanda moved in with me, and in June we got married in New Jersey.As you may remember, I was a bit unsure as to whether to go or not on the night, so thanks for talking me into going. Many thanks for setting up Slow Date and helping Amanda and I meet.” "I attended an event in September and met the love of my life.I really did not think i would meet a husband there but i did and we married in September this year, i defiantly would recommend slow dating to anyone wanting to meet someone.” "Anthony and I met June at Speed Dating in Exeter, he proposed two months later up Snowdon and we were married February in the Snow.We now have a six month old daughter all within two years, all we can say is it works!!! I had to kiss my fair share of frogs in my time but my new husband is a real Prince Charming.

” "Just wanted to say that we met at a Speed Dating event in Newcastle, had our first date two days later, and got married. ” "Just a quick email to thank you for introducing me to my now husband :-) We met on Speed Dating in Newcastle and we married at the Baltic.

Greg still calls me his 'number 9'.” "Just to let you know of a slow dating success story.

After meeting at an Oxford event we got married this year in Las Vegas, honeymooning in Hawaii.

” "Thanks to you, I fortunately met my lovely husband Speed Dating in Leeds.

I was so nervous I almost backed out of the whole event at the last minute. I proposed to him on his 40th birthday, then 18 months later, we got married this year ~ thank you for giving us our happy ever after! Thank you so much Slow Dating - Who thought 4 minutes could lead to a lifetime of happiness.” "Had it not been for the speed dating experience I would not have met my husband, and we regularly wow our friends with tales of our meeting, who are amazed at our courage and nerve to do it, and probably secretly rather jealous! Both of us came to your Reading event exceedingly sceptical, and now we are married and have a beautiful baby girl.

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