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All changes are tracked and subsequent rounds of revision come at no extra cost.

Thorough Editing involves two rounds of work: (1) a rigorous review of the work's logic, organisation, and whether the research supports the argumentation; and (2) a more fine-grained reading to check for the mechanical elements of language covered under General Proofreading.

The fee includes as many rounds of revisions as necessary to take the work to its final and polished form.As writers, we have edited and proofread an even greater variety of work, from motion picture scripts to short stories and great works of fiction.General Proofreading corrects grammar, punctuation, formatting, verb tenses, phrasing, sentence construction, and word choice.In every case, there will be plenty of back and forth between writer and editor.For proofreading and editing both academic and fiction work, send us an e-mail with a brief description, the word count, and the timeframe with which you are working.

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