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“Wikipedia is largely older white men,” Forselius says.

“We’ve tried to focus on getting a lot of female edits, younger editors, and diverse background and ethnicities.” (A 2011 survey found that 90% of “Wikipedians” are indeed male, and 28% are over 40.)Indeed, Sanger agreed to join the company not just because of the financial promise of the blockchain, but because it allows the site to overcome the limitations that caused him to leave Wikipedia little more than a year after its founding.

Spielberg Through exclusive interviews with actors, family, and the filmmaker himself, this unprecedented documentary pulls back the curtain on the remarkable career of the writer-director-producer who redefined storytelling for the screen.

The Newspaperman: The Life and Times of Ben Bradlee The Washington Post editor was regarded as one of the most feared figures in journalism after his team of writers published the Pentagon Papers and broke open the Watergate scandal.

No more centralized server (and no more server costs).This isn’t the first time a company has proposed a decentralized blockchain-based encyclopedia; earlier this year, a company called Lunyr announced similar plans.However, judging from Lunyr’s most recent roadmap, Everipedia will beat it to market with room to spare.Besides, Everipedia is already a functioning encyclopedia; it currently sees about 3 million users monthly, and touts itself as having more English-language articles than Wikipedia.(Much in the way Wikipedia was built on a foundation of articles, Everipedia’s founders used Wikipedia’s database as their cornerstone.

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