Famous quotes on dating

A man can't put himself in a girls shoes, because he has not been in her shoes before.A woman though, she is well aware of all of the horribly awkward steps to becoming a woman.

Love Wishes Quotes is the source for the most inspirational love quotes and sayings, beautifully given to you on pictures you can send to your loved ones.These are things like your menstruation, the period of time that you are essentially, becoming a woman.It is an awkward, strange time filled with raging hormones and a nervous anxiety that goes along with it.We've all been there: you're just reaching the end of a pub quiz with your team, the Quizzie Rascals (or something equally punny), nudging ahead of the pack after a strong display of 80s music knowledge and flawless performance in the sports section when – all of a sudden – disaster strikes. It can be your undoing; the difference between a free round at the bar and taking home the entire kitty. We can't promise to have you entirely covered here, but if you ever want to win a pub quiz, you'll need to know a few of these... Famous quotations you could recite word for word but have no idea of the author.

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