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Those factions today — the European Union and the sprawling Eurasian Customs Union — rival each other in influence and power.

Add to that the fact that Moldova hosts two autonomous regions on its minuscule territory: Gagauzia (a self-governing region home to the Gagauz people, a Turkic ethnic group with a strong pro-Russian stance), and Transnistria (a breakaway state with its own currency, postal service, and border control, host to a population of people who would similarly rather be part of Russia).

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Formerly part of the Soviet Union, Moldova is essentially a patch of land that has undergone many ethnic and socio-cultural permutations, with external powers trying to impose a homogenised culture from above in a way that has traditionally disregarded those who do not wish to loyally adhere to dominant political factions.Join now for free to start meeting Philippine girls..Thousands of Philippine women singles want to meet you.Soviet-born Romanian writer and activist Vasile Ernu recently wrote that if one wanted to see capitalism undiluted, one needed to “go east”.The newfound post-1989 liberty and freedom have morphed into a way of understanding the individual or the state that may be alien to many of us now.

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