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What a lovely thing to teach in DADA on Valentine's day. Snarry, Severus Snape/Harry Potter, slash, m/m Meredith is used to Cristina barging into her lab for a variety of reasons, but she has to admit that this is a new one. Because Lily and Teddy are best friends, and they always have been. The late Remus and Tonks watch over their son as he buys his school supplies for his first year at Hogwarts. Weasley and Ginny bring a bit of entertainment to the dinner table at the traditional Weasley family dinner as they fight over the usual thing: When will Ginny end the anticipation and have baby Potter? And what if she went through the Triwizard Tournament in her 7th year? Soon, Dawson's best friend Pacey takes an interest in her and the two become good friends. How do you move on when you have lost the most important person in your life... As Harry and his friends begin their fifth year at Hogwarts, they discover powers and abilities they never knew they had, along with an ancient prophecy that points to them Rory comes back from Washington to some different surprises. Will he be able to help her get through the challenges of life? Now as Sirius Black has broken out of Azkaban what will this mean for Percy? What will it mean to the Weasley family as a whole?Slightly AU due to Cristina's presence, otherwise takes place a year and a half post 10x24. After a decade away from his family spent focusing on building his career as a doctor, Edward has returned home. After watching her mother's life crumble Casey makes a simple promise: To never fall in love. what if Catherine Avery heard about April's meltdown at the Boards... And there are a million reasons why they shouldn't be together, but one reason why they should: Teddy's in love with Lily Luna Potter and for some crazy reason, she loves him back. Less emotional than you might think..fact it's almost fluff/humor... As Ginny gets ready to get married, Arthur Weasley remembers all the times he's had with his youngest, and only daughter. AU HUMANWhen Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. My little AU of how I would have introduced Mark and the rest of his family. She's engaged to a wonderful man, her daughter's about to be a senior at Yale, and for once she seems to be on fairly good terms with her parents. The judge finished reading Lorelai's letter and gently placed it back in the file. But when a life changing event hits her, it will take her down a road she never imagined, but her new life will go to show her that some lives are just forever entwined... Molly prepares for a new arrival at Auntie Muriel's place. [DH SPOILERS] [ONESHOT] I apologize if you cannot access the other stories I have uploaded. after tragedy strikes Luke and Rory face the emotional pain of Lorelai's death. Everyone's world is about to be turned upside down. Harrychapter one set during 8x18 Jack thinks about Ty joining the family and what that means.Rossi decided to get the group together get to bottom of it all. [literati]Bella Hale thought she was just meeting her future step father.[Slash/One-shot/Some mild language and references to adult situations, but mostly fluff.]One shot of Frank's thoughts and feelings on some key moments in Jamie's life. 7 years down the road, they discover the true meaning of destiny... she never expected to also meet the man who made her heart race and her every fantasy come to life.On the 20 year anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, Rita Skeeter wants to interview the so-called "Golden Trio" to find the real story behind what she calls a momentous event in modern wizarding history. Harry finally defeats Voldemort, but has one horcrux left to destroy... Booth leaves for Iraq, and leaves behind with Bones two things...a German Shephard puppy, and a surprise she never expected, or really wanted. And what will both their reactions be when he returns? And through this, Molly's always been his constant, ready to serve up two steaming bowls of courgette stew. Please read and review This starts off when Rory leaves the book store in episode 6.18. Will the romance always be there, or will it finally fade away? What happens when one of our favorite characters is shipped off to fight a war that so many don't come home from? Sirius finally decides to give Harry THE talk yes its cliched but there's a twist to this one so give it a shot. Her daddy was a death eater and he was the chosen one.

The changed Mary is invited to Pemberley more than two years after Lizzy's marriage to Mr Darcy. When they unexpectedly run into each other, the pack suddenly comes trickling back into their lives. AU/OOCA heart-wrenching case leads to upheaval and discoveries for members of Team Gibbs. That skill became the main topic of family dinner conversation the following Sunday. Ron is late, so in the meantime, at Seamus' prompting, they all confess something very personal. 9-Chapter Fic from 2025 to 2033 that centeres on Lily and Teddy's Relationship every 24th of December. One that grew, and grew, and grew, until he found himself to be a life of mistakes. I love you," I said I felt the tears coming to my eyes. Edward spent most of his life trying to be invisible until he got to college. Aaron's had a partner for over ten years, yet he's never told his team. Spencer is getting more and more frustrated by being kept hidden from the team, the team that Aaron calls his family.Garcia goes into recon mode while Reid tries to remain coherent because his secret crush is there with a woman. He decided to speak with JJ, who then decided to speak with Garcia.Can Garcia and Reid maintain their sanity while losing all hope in the love department? Blake noticed something was going on as well and spoke with Reid and Hotch.Will the stiff Miss Bennet ever emerge from her prickly shell? Will be published on Amazon , so only first two chapters available here. Tim-centric with team as family using the early season 12 cast; otherwise this does not follow canon. Rated due to male genitalia references."She won't deny that up until fourth year, she never saw him as anything other than her favourite family member; something like a cousin maybe, but a lot closer, something like a brother but, then again, not quite." NEXT-GEN Fic. All alone, 3000 miles from home, there's only one person he wishes would see him. Then while on a case, JJ calls in an expert to help them.Enters Doctor Spencer Reid, Model into the lives of the BAU team, without any of them knowing that Marge Dursely has only heard bad things about Harry Potter, she has not had the chance to meet him face to face.

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