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The HIV rate was estimated to be 18 percent at the time, and here I was trying to explain how mathematical models were going to help.

They listened, and then at the end, one man raised his hand and asked, ‘Could your model handle more than one partner at a time? The others sat down with me and said I had to include concurrent partnerships in my model.

“At the time there was talk in Uganda about helicopter scientists—whites from the United States and Europe who just parachuted in, took data, and didn’t work with local African experts.

I was the only American woman in the room, and it was a tough audience.

She had helped devise a computer program to predict the spread of HIV in a given population based on such factors as the number of sexual partners people had and the duration of those relationships.

Vast and underpopulated, it is largely free of the teeming slums, war zones, and inner-city drug cultures that epidemiologists say are typical niches for the human immunodeficiency virus. Shortly after gaining its independence from Britain in 1966, large diamond reserves were discovered, and the economy has since grown faster—and for longer—than that of virtually any other nation in the world.Yet this country, with all these advantages, has the highest HIV-infection rate in the world.The virus has spread extremely rapidly in Botswana.The high rates come despite efforts in many communities to stem the HIV epidemic through educational programs, condom distribution, and treatment for such sexually transmitted diseases as gonorrhea and syphilis, which create genital sores and ulcers that make it easier for the virus to spread.In most cases these programs have had little effect.

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