Kirk cameron slammed for calling homosexuality

Obviously, most writers have to be more subtle than that.“Neville Longbottom” is a great example of a name that suggests a trait without being too ridiculous.Typically, protagonists are active go-getters– otherwise the story would be pretty boring, right? When you name main characters, you should also consider whether reading the name 25-75 times an hour will annoy readers.

For example, we aren’t meant to understand Judge Dredd and The Punisher as even-headed men of justice.Authors sometimes complicate this by using the same letter to start character names, using similar-looking or similar-sounding names.We will keep John and Hideyuki apart in our minds, but maybe not Clinton and Cliff (or Kevin).Also, try to mix up the number of syllables in your character names. A character’s name should establish or at least suggest a defining trait of the character.If you’re writing a superhero story, you may be able to get away with a wacky name like Captain Carnage or Devil Dog, like Superhero Nation does.

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