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It was a great opportunity for him to showcase his capabilities as a good actor. Wow, thanks you so much guys , all the staff of this drama , i do appreciate so much your effort and everything , omg you got me so good. Thank you so much kim woo bin and suzy your the best , you guys got a best chemistry ,,hope u get some award for this. Be braver like a backsong of this drama from New Empire, A Little Braver :") i think noeul already falling in love with joonyoung, but she didn't want to show it. I suggest that you stop, because this drama has a plot better than the others out there and its actors are improving every episode. I love the storyline and plot twists of Uncontrollably Fond. Even the way the story wrote was kinda unique and make viewers curious.I hope he will be given another opportunity in the future. Its synopses and the artists with so much duende playing each characters well. Thanks so much to make me feel so happy with your drama I started off giving this drama a C, but I changed it to a B. I love the sound tracks "Golden Love" (Eul-Jitae) and "A little braver" (Eul-Joonyoung) . Remember when her heart beating so fast because she saw joonyoung singing? Not the typical cheezy romance but also make you appreciate life more, can change life's perspective and touches eveyone's heart. And these story is kinda timely with South Korea's social issues like suicides and drunk driving. I don't really understand the people here saying that the plot and the flashbacks are confusing; for me they are actually clear and easy to understand?He then finds out he has a terminal illness & has little time left. Apart from that the relationship progress was dragged and boring. I couldn't get over how Kim Woo Bin looked soo handsome in this drama. I never felt once bored while binge-watching the 20 eps of this drama. I think some people thought it will be a kinda romantic comedy drama because of the young actors. All dramas written by Lee-Kyung-Hee have beautiful soundtrack (and stories of course! I wanna thank the whole crew for this wonderful story, cinematography, beautiful sceneries and houses, soundtrack, the acting - for everything. After I started watching this I really felt bored Up To epi 5, later on it was somewhat interesting but as the epi increased it kept on boring me... Both the lead actor I adore it and supporting character too. She just is not that good at acting, and when she goes overboard which is basically required at time, she gets annoying! His acting was great, he played the situation so well.He falls in luv w a lowly girl who is known to take bribes & luvs $$. and Kim Woo Bin especially has put jis best brilliant acting skill... If you like kim woo bin I suggest u to watch this otherwise dont waste ur time. I don't know why the ratings went down in the last few eps but I loved it. Anyway people who know the screenwriter (Nice Guy, Sorry I Love You) would know it going to be a melodrama. Since it is playing in Autumn/Winter and Spring, for me it was the perfect timing. Best wishes one of the best drama in 2016 most of dramas have happy ending that is very difficult to find happy ending in our real life but this drama made the reality that at the end of the day everyone wil die Kim Woo-Bin acted very nice is one of my favorite actor Lee Seo-Won i wish to see him in more dramas I am sorry , but man Suzy's acting is just....even sure what to say, just not that good at all. I like the girl that was in love with Eul's brother way more than Suzy. I agree that there are some repetitive flashbacks but it's a good drama nonetheless.But she's having you raise her brother after loosing their. This drama makes me cry so damn good and heartbreaking but i love it. Anyone reading my comment, watch this drama, you will love it I assure you! Maybe it was the expectation of one year waiting for Suzy and Kim Woo Bin, or that it was airing in Summer (at least I think so). I really want to see the character of kim woo bin happily lived and have a miraculous ending in this melodrama. Disappointed but I've realized that in reality there's no possible to live of that kind of illness. I'm not a fan of all the artists involved but the characters they play in the drama works for me.As always because of the lowly status hard times father borrowed from loan sharks. I only wish there were more happy moments between Joon Young and No Eul because the totally deserve it. Uncontrollably Fond is one of the most heartbreaking KDRAMA I ever watched. It should have been aired some time in Jan/Feb/Mar. Maybe I just expected a happy ending of the two character joon young and noh eul. Still probably one of the best endings/final episodes of any drama this year...still have it 'protected' in my DVR. why there should be a drama full of such agony and pain?! we try to escape our fears and problems and try to take a break..for few hours... I just finished watching Episode 5, and it is the best episode yet!This is one of the most saddest K-Drama I've ever watched. And in addition to that sadness is knowing that, Kim Woo Bin is fighting a disease in real life. Great acting Very good drama great casting 2 thumbs up for this drama for 2016. So magical , beautiful ,sad and happy ,i think it was perfect . Eagerly waiting for his next kdrama...whole team done a great jobs... Like the show, just a bit confusing to me and why is it that Lim Ju-Hwan seems to always play a wack out guy, he is so scary looking and just gives me the chills. of coures their acting is not a top-notch acting but it is not too bad that they deserve a harsh criticism. previously, i dont want to see her drama at all because i know she is bad.Very heartwarming i will highly recommend this drama for those who are fan of kdrama like me to watch it you won't regret watching it i assure u.... Kim woo bin is so damn talented he portrays his character perfectly and suzy is not bad either . hmm its ending was same like "millionaire's first love " film but who cares... Congrats..last but not least "pororo" was so cute.... many people hate this drama just because the cast so famous.. I would hate to mess with him, looks like he could kill you at the drop of a hat. at the first episode i found the drama was confusing and boring. i suggest to do not miss any episode or you'll be out of the story. That scene nearly made me cry hahah ^.^ I expected more of this dorama. but i try to give a chance on this drama and i can see she improving a lot.

Am I the only one who thought Haru was absolutely horrible? So just pay attention to their positions when they talk and you'll get it. And i know that this drama will be famous in other countries. This is one of the first dramas that I have not binge-watched, and I have to tell you that it is killing me to wait for next week (: I don't know how I would wait until the series is over in September, but I am thinking about trying to get interested in other dramas until then.Even though the father was unaware of having a son. This drama could have been a 10 but she dragged it down to a 5. And i was expecting the two of them yesterday at the bks drama awards 2016 but so disappointed that they weren't invoted. However, it got to be very repetitious after a while.Because the son took a different avenue mom disowned & became so cruel toward him. Im not a hater because I had alot of hope for her and the main lead at the begining which brought a huge disappointment. So I just recommend you guys to sit down with your best friend, take a blanket, brew a tea, prepare tissues (for tears), relax and watch the drama. Initially I started this drama because of the Kim woo bin and the buzz in social media before the drama aired... I do get tired of the selfless love thing...loves her so much but he spends no time with her, and actually the kiss that he has with the (hit and run girl) has way more fire to it. I loved the sound score, and there was a scene between the son and mother, in the last episode I think, that was amazingly real and heart wrenching to watch. There was some great acting by some of the supporting cast. I have watched all the episodes and really liked it. I will rate this series as one of the best korean darma I watched of 2016.Damn she did an AMAZING job actually even she is not great at acting compare to the other A-list actress but i thought she did good and i dont see anything to be blamed for! and this compliment is from me who really hate to see idol's acting in this drama. I have been wacthing so many drama, but not many drama make me excited to watch it every week. the writers just killed the drama for me, I'm glad I read the comments before watching, I was expecting Woo Bin first lead but it's so lame I won't see it :( I love episode 5 so much that i want to watch and watch it..emotions in this episode are so high but can't say the same thing for episode 6.. Then the show said 5 years later they meet up again. GBU So far this drama is quite intriguing, although a bit repetitive in a few places-- I'm hoping that will improve.She did great at emoting i guess it just she need to learn about the intonation of her voice to match with the emotion i thought. give this drama a chance, enjoy it because i think this is done beautifully. Will keep support this drama and suzy and kim woobin. P.s sory my bad english ^_^ Woo Bin has a brain tumor? But still i will watch every episode up to the last again and again..... So that means the flashback has moved on 5 years to where he is studying for the bar exam and runs into her again. The storyline seems interesting and all of the actors are very good.

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