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Tree trunk represents a god because when lightning strikes a tree, pieces of the trunk remain as a relic of the lightning.

The Xoan may be the actual relic while the column trunk is symbolic of that relic.

They had already distributed the stomach lining as food (tripe), and they were roasting the thigh-pieces for the god,…his companions (were) preparing the feast with meat broiling and grilling on the spits…seated them in front of the spread, upon soft fleeces laid on the sands,…Then he gave them their plates of tripe and chitterlings (small intestine linings) and poured wine into a golden cup…Pray now…to Lord Poseidon…When you have poured your drops and offered your prayer as usual, pass on the cup to your friend…The others took the broiled meat off the spits, and distributed the portions and all had a famous feast.

The pouring of the drops was the libation of “grace before drink.” The attendant poured a few drops in the cup, the drinker spilt them upon the ground with a prayer; then the attendant filled the cup, and he drank…the sun set and darkness came…the tongues of sacrifice, and mix the wine, that we may pour libations to Poseidon and the other immortals…for the light has gone down into the west, and it is not fitting to sit ling at a feast of sacrifice, but to pass on…Attendants poured water over their hands; boys filled the mixing-bowls to the brim, and served wine to all after pouring in the first drops; the cast the tongues in the fire, and the company standing poured out one after another the first drops in honor of the gods.

Sexual promiscuity is not that appropriate either because fertility is not the goal either.

Procession along the sacred road from Athens to Eleusis, pigs were sacrificed to Athene in the village of Skiron, with prayers to Athene to prevent the summer from being too hot.

If the sacrifice was a sacrifice of an animal, then there usually was an associated festival that would involve the cooking and eating of parts of the animal.

Such a festival might have music and dancing as well.

The purgative melodies likewise give an innocent pleasure to mankind.”UP TO INDEXAncient Greeks often carried art objects such as statues and sacred clothing in religious processions. The general populace was able to enjoy the art of the culture during festivals because it was displayed at that time.

Ancient Greeks had little art in their homes; most of the art was public art, and most of it was associated with religion.

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