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The 2.6 kb fragment is the Intron-1 portion comprised between the two primers used in the PCR reactions.The insertion maps ~2.4 kb to the left of the IN663R primer (Figure ) inserted near the center of Intron-1 is shown together with the location of primers (Z37F, IN663R) used to amplify it.Bioinformatic analyses of these elements in many whole genome sequences within the legume family and other dicotyledonous plants in future years may shed light on how rapidly the DNA in the subterminal repeats and the tnp A-like exons that putatively recognize these subterminal repeats may coevolve and diversify both within and between species.).

At the same time, all elements' subterminal repeated motifs had some regions of similarity.

One of the best genetically characterized transposons is the ] and shown to be 8.3 kb with capacity to encode at least two alternatively spliced transcripts of 5.8 kb and 2.5 kb.

The 2.5 kb transcript was 100 times more abundant than the 5.8 kb m RNA and contains 11 exons of the ].

In addition, encodes a 14.6 kb complex Gene-1 with a transposase and a presumed DNA-binding function.

A large precursor transcript encoded a transposase with tnp2 and TNP1 domains.

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